The Finnish Vario

For many years, Valtra had to put off contractors looking for a mid-range tractor. The T was too small, the S too heavy. Now the new Valtra Q-Series is stepping in between and shaking up the market. The technical data arouse curiosity.

Gap closed

With the Valtra Q series, the Finnish manufacturer is closing an important gap in the tractor range. Because in the power range between 200 and 300 hp, i.e. between the T and S series, there was nothing from Valtra. The Q-Series consists of five models that are distinguished by their maximum performance. It goes from the small Q225 all the way up to the Q305 in 20 hp increments. It says the maximum that is in it. Driving past, one would perceive the Q model as a T machine – but of course it has different dimensions. For example, the wheelbase is 3.05 m (T series 2.99 m) and the permissible maximum total weight is 16 t with an unladen weight of 9.2 t.

Under the hood you meet an old friend again. The 7.4 l AGCO Power engine is also in the T series. Based on our Q285 test machine, the unit delivers a maximum of 285 hp at 1,850 rpm. In addition to the 285 hp, the power pack delivers an additional 20 hp from 0.1 km/h and PTO work or hydraulic applications.

Kit from the Allgäu

Valtra Q-Series

A surprise sits behind the engine – the ML 260 from AGCO from the plant in Marktoberdorf. There is no need to give many explanations about the gearbox at this point, because it has now rolled off the assembly line more than 250,000 times. Its functioning dates back to the mid-1990s. The ML 260 type is mainly used in the S series or is familiar to the Vario drivers from the 900 series.

The load-sensing hydraulic system fails extensively. The buyer can choose between a 200 or 205 l/min variant. The performance differences are negligible, but the larger variant has an eco function installed. This means that it already generates the 205 l/min delivery rate at a low 1,650 engine revs.

When it comes to comfort, Valtra goes its own way with the AIRES air-suspended front axle. And the driver’s cab can also benefit from the high level of comfort of air suspension. Incidentally, the cabin comes from the Valtra Q.