Internet hit. The Finnish excavator operator showed class

A video is circulating around the network showing a Finnish excavator operator replacing a sewer manhole. Internet users are delighted with the capabilities of the equipment and the operator’s skills. What it does is the world championship!

The renkivain user has published a video on TikTok showing what it is like to work on the replacement of the sewer manhole with the use of a modern Volvo EWR150E excavator. As it turns out, for the whole action – apart from the operator – only one employee is needed.

The recording shows how the excavator operator – with the use of appropriate equipment – evenly cuts the asphalt around the manhole. Then he removes the old surface with a special spoon. In turn, he chooses the soil and sets aside a few curbs. The next stage of work is to excavate the old manhole, take it out and place a new one. The excavator operator carefully covers it with soil and, in addition, puts the cover on.

Of course, she doesn’t forget to clean up after herself. Finally, it lays down dismantled curbs and even sweeps the pavement and asphalt.

And to think that all the work on replacing the manhole is done only by the excavator operator with the help of just one employee, who takes care of, among other things, disassembly of a fragment of the pavement from concrete cubes and compaction of the material after installing a new manhole.

No wonder the recording became a hit on the network. Let us recall how many employees in Poland are needed for such work. At least a few. At the same time, as we can usually observe, one person does, and the rest … It’s a joke, but it’s a pity that our road works are not carried out as shown in the recording from Finland.