Doosan launches its first smart excavator

The Korean manufacturer has been marketing the new DX225LC-7X since September 2022: a 24 t crawler excavator which features an electronic hydraulic system with integrated guidance.

Equipped with several innovative features as standard, the new Doosan DX225LC-7X made its commercial debut in September. A 24 t excavator that carries many “intelligent” equipment. First, the FEH technology, thanks to which the operator can control the hydraulic system via electronic controls: an electrical signal is sent to the central controller, which increases precision and speeds up the transmission of information. Back pressure and energy loss are suppressed. In addition to the FEH system – also available on all Doosan crawler excavators from the DX350LC-7 model – this new excavator benefits from additional features as standard: weighing system, E-Fence virtual wall, laser receiver, 2D guidance system integrated and semi-automated 2D control system.

The integrated guidance system uses sensors to detect the position of each working group to inform and direct the operator. “The IMU sensors are mounted on the bucket link, on the arm and boom, on the frame, and a rotation sensor is installed on the swing system. There are also four pressure sensors for the weighing system,” explains Stéphane Dieu, Doosan Product Manager. The operator is thus warned by audible and visual signals which allow him to improve control of the machine. The laser receiver, on the other hand, makes it possible to capture the reference point each time the arm passes in front of the laser beam, even when the machine changes position. The operator therefore no longer has to reset the reference point each time the excavator is moved. A little extra from the manufacturer, on delivery, the sensors are already calibrated, the customer simply calibrates the buckets.

Set all directions of the machine

The DX225LC-7X also features grade assist and bucket assist systems, swing control and a virtual wall. Stéphane Dieu specifies that “the operator can program, in a few seconds, a height, a depth, a range and a maximum orientation. The machine is thus limited in all directions according to the configuration imposed by the site”.

The virtual wall is therefore particularly recommended for work under roofs, under high voltage lines or at the edge of the road, so as not to encroach on the traffic lane. “This allows total safety, regardless of the operator’s state of fatigue or concentration,” he adds.

In addition, the machine is equipped as standard with very precise weighing, operating without downtime, which makes it possible to control the load dumped into a truck. The system also indicates the maximum lifting capacity, in any position of the machine. And Doosan promises to expand its offer very soon by offering new functionalities such as a tilting bucket for a 2D guidance system or the factory preconfiguration offering the possibility of receiving the latest DC3 control system as well as the manipulators of the Swedish tiltrotator manufacturer Engcon.