Caterpillar extends remote operation to excavators over 47 t

The manufacturer has made its Cat Command solution compatible with its 349, 352, 374 and 395 excavators in order to be able to control them remotely. A guarantee of safety for operators in the most demanding work environments.

Developed by Caterpillar on excavators, the Cat Command command station ensures operators can control all basic machine functions (digging, lifting and driving) remotely and without direct view of the machine. In addition, several assist solutions (Cat Grade Guidance System, Cat Grade Assist Boom and Bucket Motion Automation Control) can be activated without the operator having to be in the cab.

Maximized productivity

In addition to the safety aspect, this teleoperation solution also makes it possible to increase the productivity of the machine during demolition work, underground work, on sites carried out on the coast and even on disused sites.

Depending on the capabilities of the network, the Cat command station allows the operator to control his excavator from a virtual cabin installed in a base camp. Moreover, it is possible for them to drive up to five different machines at the same time whether or not they are located on the same site. In this way, the operator no longer needs to move from one site to another. Productivity downtime caused by driver changes in the cab is thus eliminated.

New driver profiles

On the other hand, this solution opens the way to new recruitment opportunities with the possibility of welcoming into the team new profiles of drivers who have until now been limited by their physical condition to drive an excavator because they could not access the cabin.

Previously offered only on the 320-340 excavators and D5-D7 bulldozers, the Cat teleoperation solution is now available for the 349, 352, 374 and 395 hydraulic excavators with operating weights ranging from 47.5 t to 94 t.