AgXeed AgBot 2.055W4: a 75 hp 4-wheel tractor robot

After the AgBot tracked robot, AgXeed is launching its equivalent on tires.

The newcomer, baptized 2.055W4, has 4 wheels, 2 of which are driven, and has a maximum power of 75 hp. It features a 2.9 L diesel engine driving a generator supplying electricity to the rear wheels, an optional power take-off and a high voltage socket. It has a low empty weight of 3.2 t, almost 3 t less than its tracked counterpart, significantly limiting soil compaction. It offers a wide choice of tires, from 270 to 710 mm wide, and track width, from 1.5 to 3 m, thus adapting to different types of crops. It receives 4 t rear and 1.5 t front linkages. The load sensing circuit supplies up to three distributors. An Isobus socket is available as an option. The Dutch manufacturer announces the availability of this new autonomous tractor for spring 2023.